For its 4th Anniversary... McGILL Commercial joins forces with ENGEL & VÖLKERS!

For its 4th Anniversary… McGILL Commercial joins forces with ENGEL & VÖLKERS!

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The Quebec commercial real estate agency McGILL Commercial (specialized division of McGILL real estate) is already blowing its 4 candles and for the occasion, it will take an international direction in collaboration with the world luxury giant ENGEL & VÖLKERS, the agency founded in Germany 40 years ago (1977). Engel & Völkers is the only international luxury real estate agency that is not of American origin, nor property of an investment fund; it is 100% privately owned. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Montréal / Québec is experiencing an unprecedented progression in Quebec under the direction of its owners PATRICE GROLEAU and DEBBY DOKTORCZYK, who have made a real revolution in the real estate brokerage industry in Montreal and Quebec City during the last decade. We also know the prolific couple as owners of the # 1 real estate agency in Montreal & Quebec for the sale and marketing of top-quality McGILL real estate condos … + $ 3 Billion, +10,000 new Condos.

Engel & Völkers is already a major commercial player in Europe with its Engel & Völkers Commercial division. For the moment, the company wants to focus on the implementation and the vertiginous growth of its luxury residential division in America and is analyzing its options for the future of its commercial division on this side of the Atlantic. It seems, however, that it will be logical to do so through its existing network of real estate shops already established rather than take a “corporate” approach to implementation in the various major and logical markets from a commercial perspective in America. Because the problem of the majority of 100% “corporate” commercial agencies in Quebec is that almost all have very few brokers in their ranks which makes it practically impossible to set up an effective network of offices and brokers covering the all of the Quebec territory while limiting the full capacity of a support team, because of the lack of a critical mass of brokers and clients..

The 3 specialized and selective agencies being the three managed and exclusive property of the couple Groleau & Doktorczyk, allow them to maximize the resources. With a spectacular and imposing headquarters on the ground floor and 2nd floor of the Port-Royal adjacent to the Museum of Fine Arts in the Golden Square Mile in Downtown Montreal, but also with a network of real estate shops strategically located in Outremont, Westmount, Quebec, North Shore, South Shore, etc. In addition to an administrative team and selected and specialized real estate advisors of more than 125 people, allowing them to offer, to their exceptional clients, a unique service in the real estate brokerage industry in Quebec while offering one of the most powerful global network joining +500 Million consumers per month via their exclusive EDGE network.


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